Understanding Marvelous Designer

Learn Marvelous Designer from a pro.

Includes all features through Version 10 !

This is more than just a book on Marvelous Designer software. This is the definitive web-book for learning how to create 3D garments taught by an MD expert.

You'll learn about every function in Marvelous Designer and important terms and theory associated with garment construction. This will enable you to create clothing that looks like the real thing.

Marvelous Designer is quickly becoming a standard tool for realistic garment creation and has been adopted by Ubisoft, Activision, Epic, EA and other world-leading studios.

Sign up for the web-book access today and join the elite group of CG artists using Marvelous Designer to create assets for films, games and fashion catalogs!

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The book contains all
the features of MD,
up to and including version 10

About the Author

The author, Lori Griffiths, loves to sew in the real world and virtually using Marvelous Designer. She purchased MD version 2 to illustrate real world sewing techniques many years ago. She was so excited about the program that she began sharing her knowledge online through her  YouTube channel and her website Fearless Makers

In 2016 she authored and published the first, and only, book available on Marvelous Designer. It covered every feature and function of MD version 6. Realizing that printed books covering software are out-of-date much too quickly, she decided to create this web-book so she could keep it up-to-date.

She has been awarded the CLO Marvelous Designer Evangelist title for 2016 and 2017. This award is was no longer available as of 2018, but CLO continues to support her in her quest to teach their software.

Marvelous Designer is a challenging program for people who don't sew and Lori's greatest joy is helping CG artists become proficient and successful.