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Web-Book Edition Now Available !

Understanding Marvelous Designer Web-Book Edition is more than just a book about using Marvelous Designer software. You'll also learn important terms associated with garment construction and how they apply to your 3D clothing.

The book includes hundreds of illustrations and images so you can clearly understand how Marvelous Designer works. Every feature of the software is included with step-by-step instructions to use them all successfully.

Lori Griffiths, a 2016 / 2017 Marvelous Designer Evangelist and skilled real-world seamstress, will teach you what you need to know to use the program like the pros. Marvelous Designer is quickly becoming a standard tool for realistic garment creation and has been adopted by Ubisoft, Activision, Epic, EA and other world-leading studios.

Sign up for the web-book today and join the elite group of CG artists using Marvelous Designer to create assets for films, games and fashion catalogs!

Print vs Web-Book

Prior Print Edition

The print edition of the book was available from November 2016 through February 2018.

If you have the print edition, click the green book cover to go to the print edition site. You will find all the images and project bonus materials there.

The original printed book was the first and only book available on Marvelous Designer. Unfortunately, the print version only covers MD through version 6 and it quickly went out-of-date. Although it was still selling, we didn't want people to purchase the book knowing that it was missing key features. In February of 2018, we removed it from production.

Rather than print another book that would become obsolete within a short time, we decided to publish on the web so the book can stay relevant, up-to-date and never obsolete.

There are differences between the print and web-book editions of Understanding Marvelous Designer.  The print version includes projects that are not included in the web-book.

The web-book has more content on the features than the print edition. There are even more images in the web-book. The biggest difference is that the web-book will be updated every time Marvelous Designer changes the software, even small incremental changes and additions.